Real Estate Drone & Aerial Photography Melbourne

Every day industries are shifting and adapting to new introductions of technology. One such industry on the brink of a complete shift in its thinking is construction.

Gone are the days of using traditional methods to obtain site data. Before the arrival of drones, site inspections were carried out on-foot or via manned aerial vehicles over weeks – if not months. Now, with drones, construction companies have pounced on the opportunity to get up-to-date images as often as they like and in real-time.

Contractors are turning to drones to solve problems and save time – and we’re helping them. Drones capture data on buildings, conduct surveys and inspection, provide site updates and create a spectacular birds-eye view over any project. Drone photos/videos display the bigger picture. Consider the effectiveness of presenting the entire size and scope of a project in a single image compared to thousands taken on the ground.

The impact of having access to such clear and quick data is felt across various aspects of a construction project. From material wastage, labour, site inspection all substantially reducing the costs, time and bodies needed to fulfil a particular project.

Globally, it’s accepted drones will be a standard technology tool kit in upcoming construction projects and surveying. With events such as COVID-19, drones have also afforded the ability to reduce the number of people on-site with much of the work to be done from a remote location. And with this potentially the way of the future (having fewer people on-site) drones are leading the charge in accommodating this, while also maintaining the highest quality of work possible.

With advancements within the Drone field every day, the ability to gather data and fast-track the process, the future and relationship between the construction industry and drone technology is bright.

Drones are not only shifting approaches in construction but equally, the real estate industry is looking to new ways in how to sell a product. There are no question photos and videos can help sell a home faster than a home without such visual aids. And while conventional methods are highly useful, agencies are trying to get an edge over the competition and one such way is through drones.

An aerial shot of a property shows depth and captures angles not possible merely through a hand-held camera. Drones can also provide a view of a home’s surroundings – the backyard, nearby cafes and park, beach or shopping district.

While previously, aerial shots were only possible through using a helicopter or satellite imagery. Now, Next Generation Drones can provide clearer and more in-depth imagery and send them to an agent’s inbox in just a few hours.

This type of photography is becoming more common and is almost expected in higher-end homes. It allows house hunters to view important home features that may not be available by simply looking at a frontal shot. Drones can capture sweeping views of an entire property as well as fly-around videos of a home’s exterior. They can also show where a house sits within a subdivision and its proximity to nearby amenities.

Since the beginning, Next Generation Drones has provided clients across this sector with cutting edge footage helping boost not only projects and their efficiency and reducing costs but also increasing and developing client relations along the way.