Our Drone Photography captures different angles and heights to show the site within the wider context. This enables you to market the project to potential clients and sell the project to them with ease.


Our Drone Videography captures your project from a wide range of angles and different views to enable your clients to view the progress made. Our in-house production department combines the best footage with music, transitions and your company logo, enabling you to show your clients and promote your company and project!


Our Time Lapse videos show on-site progress of your project. Sit back and watch as your project rises from the ground up to completion! Call the Next Generation Drone specialists today on 0434 222 927 for a free quote.


Our Agriculture team is experienced in providing specialised solutions to those looking for precise drone services to ensure their land is looked after. Sit back and watch as our drones do all the heavy lifting for you and watch your crops grow.


Our team of drone photographers & videographers also specialise in the construction sector providing you with sections, angles, longitude and latitude co-ordinates removing the need for physical inspections. Let us take the hassle out of these tasks, so you can get back to doing what you do best – building!


Our team of AV experts assist business owners with security cameras that can be linked to a cloud server and capture photos/videos whenever they detect motion on site. Use these to stop theft and ensure your site is always protected!