About Us

Drones are providing a whole new perspective and revolutionising photography along the way. Their versatility, small-shaped bodies and ability to tolerate harsh environments provide access to angles and compositions that were previously impossible or far too costly for the conventional photographer. Drone photography enables a first-person view that would normally be impossible to achieve.

Over the past few years, drones have led the way in innovation – completely shifting approaches to farming, building, surveying even down to how a wedding is captured. They are making what previously took endless hours, people and labour to achieve the perfect shot, seem completely effortless.

At Next Generation Drones we’ve harnessed the incredible ability drone technology has created and generated the best possible content for businesses, groups and individuals alike. We provide services for various industries utilising advanced drone technology allowing our clients to achieve their ultimate outcomes. We work alongside you to develop a brief for your needs and then implement the most efficient drone for your requirements.

Our Drone Photography captures different angles and heights to show a site or event within the wider context. This enables individuals to capture moments or companies to captivate potential clients and sell a product with ease. The days of selling a product merely vision generated through a hand-help camera are gone. And we are on the front line in leading this massive shift in photography.

Our Drone Videography captures a wide range of angles, different views, heights – all bringing the perfect shot to you. Our in-house production department combines the best footage with music, transitions and your company logo (if needed), enabling you to show and promote whatever content you’re after. Capturing the perfect imagery is a process. And we know, with our expertise, we can create the most seamless product for your company and clientele.

Next Generation Drones has an experienced and reliable service offering for various industries – capturing all aspects of each job from start to finish. We are a full-service agency offering construction, agriculture, security, photography, videography and time-lapse services using the latest technology and drones. We focus on providing each client with a quality service and work alongside you to ensure you receive the best outcome for your project.

Our vision isn’t merely to create the best product possible. While we hope we can achieve that, we truly want to capture your company’s vision and help expand and present it to the world. Our product after all, is your product.