Over the past few years, drones have led the way in innovation – completely shifting approaches to farming, building, surveying even down to how a wedding is captured. They are making what previously took endless hours, people and labour to achieve the perfect shot, seem completely effortless.

At Next Generation Drones we’ve harnessed the incredible ability drone technology has created and generated the best possible content for businesses, groups and individuals alike. We provide services for various industries utilising advanced drone technology allowing our clients to achieve their ultimate outcomes. We work alongside you to develop a brief for your needs and then implement the most efficient drone for your requirements.

Where can you fly?

We operate Australia wide. We service all capital cities and most regional areas as well.

What weather can you fly in?

We can fly in most weather with the exception being when it’s raining. This is a safety and occupational health and safety issue as the wet weather will cause the drone to malfunction.