Where can you fly?

We operate Australia wide. We service all capital cities and most regional areas as well.

What weather can you fly in?

We can fly in most weather with the exception being when it’s raining. This is a safety and occupational health and safety issue as the wet weather will cause the drone to malfunction.

Do you have any limits as to what you can’t film or access?

There are various laws and regulations which are put in place by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) that govern what we can and can’t film. We utilise various resources to determine whether a flight is viable or not and are always in communication with CASA if there are any issues.

Are you a licensed drone pilot?

All our drone pilots have their RePL and ReOC license and are covered under various insurances.

How safe is drone media production and are you insured?

Drones are extremely safe to use and we have never had any issues with our equipment we have available. We are covered by various insurances and take all possible safety precautions for each and every job.

What camera equipment do you use to get the footage?

Depending on the job and what is required, we will determine which drone is suitable. Each job is unique and we always take into account what the client wishes to achieve for the end result.

Is drone media expensive? How much does it cost?

Each project is priced individually and takes into account various factors which are discussed with each client. Once we understand the brief and requirements, we are able to provide a personalized quote.

What industries do you look after?

We specialise in marketing, logistics, security and agriculture.