Aerial & Drone Photography Melbourne

Next Generation Drones Melbourne provides photography & videography services for various industries utilising advanced drones that allow our clients to achieve their ultimate outcomes. We work alongside you to develop a brief for your needs and then implement the most efficient drone for your requirements.

Drone Photography Melbourne

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Why choose us?

Next Generation Drones took flight in 2020 after realising a void in the photography/videography sector. As drone technology continues to develop the accuracy and precision of its readings, less human involvement is necessary. What would have previously taken voluminous hours and people to achieve minor goals, can now be done within minutes and with no interruption.

Next Generation Drones has an experienced and reliable service offering for various industries – capturing all aspects of each job from start to finish. Our customers return to us time and time again, believing that we can provide them with the necessary vision and data for any particular project. We not only pride ourselves on the service we provide but being a part of a client’s vision and helping bring their product/service to light.

Our focus is on providing clients with quality services and work alongside them to ensure the best outcome for any project.

There’s no doubting drones are exciting. And we don’t mean for on-lookers or aficionados but for Australian business – drones are fast becoming a potent investment.

But why should you consider drones and for what purpose? The concept of a remote control-run helicopter increasing business outcomes may seem unusual, but the ability to adapt with prevailing technologies can reap astounding outcomes.

In the past, companies were hesitant to use the technology but today, as the technology grows, companies willing to embrace Drones are realising the potential.

For example, construction surveyors can now study a site within a few minutes – whereas, in the past, it may take several weeks or months. This increases the efficiency of projects reducing overall construction time and saving substantial costs along the way. It’s not a stretch to assume: companies unwilling to adapt to aerial technology will be left behind.

Construction and agriculture are two major areas of the drone market but entire sectors and companies are entering the drone space. The use of drones are taking flight within media/ entertainment and general marketing as well. Today, more specifically, the technology is being used in agriculture practices through mapping and studying of crop data, in the real estate market for customers, and anything down to capturing a wedding from above. The rapid growth in the field of application and drone technology is expected to drive drone market growth over the foreseeable future.

Companies willing to embrace this new-age technology are integrating drones into workflows and increasing productivity gains considerably. With cameras providing sharp and clear visuals from any angle, drones are changing the direction and way companies and people alike view any project or event. The reality is: Drone technology is just breaching the surface. The aerial-photography space is expanding and growing at an unprecedented rate. And those unwilling to adapt will be left behind.

Next Generation Drones is already assisting companies across various industries to achieve their ultimate outcomes.

We are a full-service agency offering construction, agriculture, security, photography, videography and time-lapse services using the latest technology and drones.

Next Generation Drones will take your business to new heights.

How Our Drone Services Work?

High-impact, Strategic, Convenient.

As your local Melbourne Drone Photographer, we know and understand the area. We provide fast turnaround times and eliminate any and all travel fees or expenses that often result in extensive delays in getting your project into the air. Having worked with various brands and industries, we’ve got a vast creative portfolio to match any drone photography or videography needs whether that be a simple aerial photo or a high-impact teaser video to drum up interest and hype.

Tell us about your project

Get cinema-quality photography or videography of construction projects, places, people or even events. Our drone operators fly premium quality drones to ensure professional quality media from virtually any screen.

We’ll schedule a flight

Once we’ve confirmed your project details & requirements, we’ll draw up a bit of a storyboard so we can commence the creative process before we even get on-site. A drone operator is then sent to your specified location, wherever it may be.


We’ll share your drone photography/videography footage with you within a matter of days. All footage is delivered in a high-resolution format so you can place it on the largest billboard or the smallest mobile phone.

Grow your business with Melbourne Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a powerful sales and marketing tool. Drone photos show new perspectives, showcase your brand in a new light, and instantly stand out online and off.

Whether you hope to generate buzz on social media, or sell properties faster, drone photos elevate your marketing and create an instant impression with customers. Our high-resolution aerial photos will help you:

  • Wow your audience AND your competitors with an amazing hype video or stunning aerial imagery across social media
  • Engage your audience
  • Sell more real estate with a unique property perspective
  • Communicate construction progress visually
  • Take your brand identity to new heights with beautiful aerial media
  • Tell your brands story in a unique, transformative way – stand out!
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Our Drone Photography captures different angles and heights to show the site within the wider context. This enables you to market the project to potential clients and sell the project to them with ease.



Our Drone Videography captures your project from a wide range of angles and different views to enable your clients to view the progress made. Our in-house production department combines the best footage with music, transitions and your company logo, enabling you to show your clients and promote your company and project!



Our Time Lapse videos show on-site progress of your project. Sit back and watch as your project rises from the ground up to completion!



Our Agriculture team is experienced in providing specialised solutions to those looking for precise drone services to ensure their land is looked after. Sit back and watch as our drones do all the heavy lifting for you and watch your crops grow.



Our Construction team is specialised in providing you with sections, angles, longitude and latitude co-ordinates removing the need for physical inspections. Let us take the hassle out of these tasks, so you can get back to doing what you do best – building!



Our security cameras are linked to a cloud server and capture photos/videos whenever they detect motion on site. Use these to stop theft and ensure your site is always protected!

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