Photography, in a nutshell, is about capturing a moment in time. A moment people can relive for years to come. It enables them to feel a wave of emotion as if they were there when the photo was taken. Photos and Videos capture the highlights of an event but also convey the excitement or drama of a particular moment.

Photographs and video taken with traditional cameras can be restricted in only catching a glimpse of the action. Even the use of conventional aerial photography (helicopters, planes, cranes) can be limited by a range of factors. With the introduction of drone photography, audiences have been given access to a new and unique viewing platform like never before.

Regardless of the occasion, concerts, weddings, festivals, parties or any other event – drones don’t miss a thing; watching with a careful – high-definition – eye from above.

Drones can also provide a view not just far from above. Thanks to advancements in the drone field, their ability to zoom and hover in close range enables them to capture all angles and aspects of the particular event.

Drone technology allows photographers to capture imagery uninterrupted. There’s also a sense, (if at an event like a wedding) it can be hard to capture the candid nature of any moment as people are aware of a typical camera being poked in their face. With the drone flying high up above, it’s possible no one may even notice the flying camera from above.

There’s also the element of labour. Drones are far more adaptable to the circumstances for any photographer. Its ability to move from one place to another and move around objects creates for the utmost perfect shot (while also not being a hindrance to anyone involved).

Using a drone (along with other conventional methods) ensure no moment is lost on camera.

The long-winding, single shots create a sense for people to relive their favourite moments as if they were back at a particular place in time.

Next Generation Drones is dedicated and uses highly-trained videographers to ensure the best product is created from start to finish. What previously required multiple vehicles (planes, cars, helicopters) now only needs one or two individuals to control a drone – all of which can be done from a remote location. Drones have created a seamless far less complicated process of capturing any event and the final product is nothing short of perfect. For more information about the benefits of drone photography, click here to learn more.