Construction Drone Photography & Videography Melbourne

Construction sites are fast becoming dependent on the use of drones. Drone’s ability to save time and provide unparalleled data is changing the face of the industry. One of the key shifts is the process of how surveying is conducted across a construction site.

Surveyors can now analyse an entire site within 30 minutes – compared to the past, where collecting data over would not only be hard to collate but could take weeks if not months to complete. While saving time is immensely beneficial in any construction project, the savings drone technology can bring, too, is unprecedented.

Now, rather than spending countless hours walking or driving across construction zones, all it takes is putting a drone in the air. Producing high-definition aerial – and up-close – photography, drones cover the distance at a fraction of the time. This increase in efficiency has allowed companies more time to focus on different aspects of the business, increasing the ability to achieve intended outcomes.

Not only can drone footage enable companies to reduce countless hours of photography and surveying time, but the final product is also of a much more advanced and higher quality. Drones provide different perspectives, ranges of images, videos, time-lapses – a far broader understanding and scope an innumerable amount of images taken on the ground could ever achieve; Drones display the bigger picture.

Further to providing construction site surveys, drone technology has also provided companies with a unique ability to provide customers, stakeholders, investors and prospective clients with continual site updates. This content can be used for sales and marketing updates, keeping people in the loop and providing a far more personal touch between buyer and seller.

Customers also have a rare ability to watch construction in real-time while also looking back and comparing their new home or site from beginning to end.

As drone technology continues to rapidly grow in its precision of readings, clarity and quality of vision, even less involvement will be necessary. Companies willing to embrace this technology will soon find themselves years ahead of the field.

At Next Generation Drones we are here to help you through the process with ease. Our clients continue to return to us – not simply for our product but because we believe in our clients and helping every single one to achieve their image and goals. Since the beginning, Next Generation Drones has targeted the construction industry understanding the challenges facing companies every day. We hope, through our product and service, we can help increase efficiency and lower costs all associated with construction.