Roof inspections for large and complex structures can sometimes make for a risky venture. Anything from collapsing roofs/gutters, unstable flooring – to falling off scaffolding and ladders. Previously, roofs were quite straight forward and had a very clear way around them. Today, with modern architecture and buildings bigger than ever before, surveying a roof can be a difficult and sometimes dangerous task.

However, with the introduction of Drone technology – an unmanned aerial vehicle – not only are inspections far easier and efficient but safer and less costly for everyone.

Drones mitigate or entirely rid potential dangers when it comes to inspecting a roof. Risks such as falls or collapsing roofs are simply out of the picture. If there is a need to subsequently send a body on top of the roof, the drone can perform a thorough inspection of the property and roof to identify any safety hazards someone may encounter on their way up – no nasty surprises.

The uptake to use this modern technology has largely been slow. Few companies are seeing the benefits of using drone technology to achieve a task such as roof-surveying – but for those who are, they’ve never felt more confident and encouraged by the work.

Some companies yet to adopt drone roofs inspection may simply be due to lack of awareness, so we’ve put together some benefits for anyone unsure of the boost using such technology can provide.

Using drones to survey a roof dramatically cuts inspection costs. Gone are the day’s companies needed to pay for transporting large scaffolding structures (not to mention setting it up), ladders and other climbing and safety gear needed to get up onto the roof. With the use of the drone, it can all be done remotely and by one single person. From start to finish the process requires fewer people, equipment, labour and overall time to complete the task at hand.

The reduction of time and costs on labor allow companies to spend this money elsewhere or even conduct multiple building inspections in a single day. All of which can be monitored and watched in real-time.

Using a drone to inspect a room eliminates most if not all the risks associated with conventional roof inspection methods. With any typical roof inspection, there is a multitude of risks and potential dangers facing workers on any given site. Modern designs, scaling heights, derelict roofs/gutters or structures all pose significant risks to workers.

With a Drone, the entire inspection can be done from a remote (or on-site) location and the ladder can be kept in storage.

Hundreds – if not thousands – of photos from a hand-held camera have now been replaced with high-definition imagery and video. Drone technology is granting greater access to the more difficult and tight spaces than ever before. Nothing is missed. It’s simple: Drones are far superior to any imagery a worker could provide.

Yes, there is still a need for an expert to undertake the process or assist in the process, the ease and ability to attain information and any given building is greater than ever before. The drone can be used repeatedly, taking video-lapses from the same location multiple times. These images can then be used as a great means to compare before and after images once a rebuild, build or repair is finished.

Thinking of still using that ladder?