Drones are taking businesses to a whole new height – literally.

Since the introduction of the aerial-footage technology, businesses willing to use the technology have added a whole new perspective to their social media, marketing and commercial aspects of a business.

Drone videography over the last two years has become the biggest trend in marketing, providing engaging content that grips viewers from the start.

As more and more people become visual learners or acquiring their information visually, the use of drone footage is key to engaging with potential clients through digital marketing.

Drones not only produce unique angles and perspectives but high-quality footage and photos while saving days if not weeks of labour, saving the hip-pocket along the way. Companies still using traditional video forms are simply getting left behind.

Drones also provide versatility. Anything from live streaming to surveying 100s of kilometres of land, commercial/construction sites, events and even spraying crops, there’s not much it can’t do – and the results are astounding. This generates a real hype online boosting and building brand awareness along the way.

Before the advent of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial shot was sending a helicopter and a licensed pilot up in the air trying to capture that perfect image. Not only did this cost thousands of dollars but companies confronted barriers such as licensing requirements, weather, communicating with flight towers, timing – the list goes on. The process required immense resources, having the potential to disrupt business and taking away the attention from the job really at hand.

Now, it’s simple: one person, one drone. And all of which can be done from a remote location. The labour has been cut, the hours have been reduced and money has been saved.

For companies – across every industry – looking for new and inventive ways to create compelling and engaging content online, there simply isn’t a more creative and resourceful way to do than through the use of Drone footage.

When considering the next digital campaign or photoshoot, consider utilizing drone professionals.